Send custom emails
to your list…or ours!

Generate campaigns
directly from RealNex
CRM or MarketPlace…

to build your brand, offer your services and promote your properties with our fully
integrate RealCampaigns email engine.

Send your campaign to an individual or Group
in your CRM or tap into the vast RealNex community with a RealCampaign. Our
intelligent dashboards track all receipts and
activities and enable swift follow-up to drive
fast results.

Draw on our library of templates or design
your own to promote your properties and
services with ease.

Use our CRM MailMerge
to send RealCampaigns…

to prospects with pending lease renewals, research reports to active investors or newsletters to your lead pool. You can send
any type of message to any of your lists!

Our smart forms allow you to merge in any
field from your database to create highly
personalized messages. RealNex comes
stocked with a host of templates that will
adopt your colors and branding. You can even
build your own or allow our designers to create
new formats just for you.

Have a property to
sell or lease?

Run a RealCampaign directly from MarketPlace with just the click of a button. No more
exporting listings, repeatedly building flyers
and trying to track all the results. With
RealCampaigns, your listing data flows
seamlessly into any of our predesigned
templates or custom formats built just for you.

Access a world
of prospects
with RealBlasts

When your personal list isn’t enough, reach
out to the RealNex community. With over
100,000 clients registered with their
investment criteria you are sure to get the
exposure you need and the activity you desire.
Link your campaigns to a RealNex virtual
DealRoom to efficiently run a controlled sales

Allen Buchanan

I have used the leading email marketing services with CRM integrations and have found that the RealNex CRM with embedded RealCampaigns is far superior. It is the quickest, easiest and most cost - effective way to send campaigns to highly targeted lists and then have the most promising leads readily accessible for immediate follow - up.

Allen C. Buchanan | SIOR, Principal, Lee & Associates