MarketEdge tools provide a competitive advantage

The expertise needed to win more business and execute more efficiently.

Intelligent analyses made simple.

Produce 20 year cash flow projections, DCF analysis, and ROI. Analyze and compare multiple comprehensive lease proposals or consolidate lease expenses, security deposits, CAM and commissions into clean and easy-to-read spreadsheets.

Exceptional proposals with minimal effort.

Use our drag-and-drop editor to choose from over 57 different modules to include in your proposals or offering memoranda. Our automated document generation process focuses brokers, owners and investors on real data that leads to profitable transactions.

Company-branded marketing that wins business.

Curate a professional collection of marketing materials and impress your clients. Upload your company logo and select your company colors to make beautiful flyers, proposals or collateral material. Alternately, take advantage of one of our award-winning graphic designers to create cover pages consistent with your company webpage or brand.

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