RealNex VR

Compelling Virtual Reality
for accelerated property

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Virtual Reality Benefits…

An Enduring RealNex VR Model Can Be Used Throughout the Property Lifecycle:

  • Design & Construction
  • Capital Raising
  • Permits and Approvals
  • Pre-Sales/Leasing
  • Property and Asset Management

The Most Robust
Immersive and

Visually communicate your property vision
and value through highly immersive and
interactive 3D environments. PropertyMax
also allows prospective clients to experience
and customize the virtual property as if they
were physically there, even prior to

The Cost Effective
Way to Differentiate
Your Property

QuickTour provides an immersive, web-based experience which allows people to understand the space eliminating the struggle most have translating 2D floor plans in their mind. At a
cost comparable to floor plans and renderings, distinguish your property, space or project without stretching the budget.

Create Test Fits in

Accelerate the test fit process while minimizing the costs and time requirements. Easy to use web-based tools allow you to collaboratively design unlimited iterations of 3D models on-site and in real-time. Prospective tenants can then virtually walk through and assess the suitability of the space. RealFit enables a more efficient leasing process that saves everyone involved both time and money and renderings, distinguish your property, space or project without stretching the budget.

David Klein

The ability to visualize how each space was going to look and the level of realism and immersion provided by the VR experience using the Head Mounted Display (HMD) has been so effective, it has greatly reduced our leasing cycle and increased the conversion rate from leads to tenants, even prior to project completion.

David Klein | Director, Asset Management & Development, Investment Property Advisors