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Cloud and Desktop System tracking Deals, Properties and Contacts
This system gives you both the power of the desktop software and the flexibility of the cloud in one system.

Leveraging the power of REA
RealNex CRM was designed by Tim Creagh, the creator of the popular Commercial Real Estate CRM REA. RealNex CRM replaces REA and adds the flexibility of the cloud to that #1 rated system.

Your purchase includes phone and email support including 100+ videos and live training
Our support engineers are available M-F with live support and we have email support 7 days a week. We do free live training sessions during the week and our video library contains over 100 videos to help you.

Relational System that eliminates duplication of information
Each record in the CRM can be linked to an unlimited number of records. That means one contact can be linked to properties, spaces, companies, deals or a property can be linked to an unlimited number of contacts, spaces, deals or comparables.

Covers every facet of commercial real estate, Syncs with Outlook and your PDA
Deals, Leads, Owners, Users, Agents, Comparables, Properties, Spaces. Complete calendar system that syncs with Outlook and your phone. All emails received in Outlook are linked to the contact. Track all of your activities and link them to the respective people, properties and spaces involved. Run complete and professional reports.

RealNex CRM Cloud

Our cloud software gives you access to your data from any device such as your phone, tablet or computer. You can search and view all your information including history, events, links and attachments. You can place a call, jump to a webpage, create an email and map records with a single click. Any information you add or modify will sync back to your desktop automatically.

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RealNex CRM on your Desktop

The desktop software and the cloud software stay constantly synched. Changes you make in the cloud are reflected on your desktop and changes you make on your desktop are displayed in the cloud keeping you and your staff up to date no matter where you are. The powerful desktop software originally designed and sold under the label REA gives you an extensive list of powerful functions. A few of those are listed below.

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  • Powerful import engine allowing you to bring in all your information and update existing data.
  • Advanced functions such as global replace making updating mass records easy.
  • Duplicate checker with merge functionality creating one record from many.
  • Commercial Real Estate Calculator with Amortization, Lease vs Buy and Proforma Analysis.
  • Direct sync with Outlook for contacts, calendar and email.
  • Query engine that cannot only query a database but can also query across databases.
  • Complete calendar with Day, Week, Month and list views.
  • Generate marketing activity reports so your clients are always up to date.
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CRM by Real Estate Assistant

$45.00/ month
Number of users:  
  • Property, client, and pipeline tracking system.
  • OnDemand access from any mobile device.
  • Easily match buyers, sellers and tenants to properties.
  • All of your activities, contacts, building, and market information in one place.
  • Track events, history, mail merge, dashboard and full calendar.

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Our Commercial Real Estate CRM is easily scalable and additional users can be added at any time.

Got data? We can convert data from almost any system on the planet.

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